We have a team of excellent course leaders on board which includes some of the UK's top Maternity Nurses, Midwives, Sleep Trainers, Paediatricians and Therapists. Our team of expert trainers have years upon years of experience and have travelled around the world undertaking some of the most prestigious jobs working alongside VIP's and royalty. All of our course leaders are qualified and trained to teach adult based learning.

We also offer continuos support and guidance. Our course leaders and trainers are always on hand for any questions you might have or support you might need after your training has finished. Our very best candidates will also be recommended to our sister agency which only signs up the most elite nannies, maternity nurses and sleep trainers.

Our courses are available throughout the UK so wherever you are your never too far from one of our centres. We also accept candidates from outside of the UK and will happily assist with any travel or accommodation needs you may have. Whatever your needs our agents are on hand to discuss these with you.

Advanced Baby Consultancy Ltd is a friendly family based company that's aim is to support its clients on being successful in their childcare ventures. We are so confident you will enjoy participating in one of our courses that we will give you a 20% discount on any further courses you undertake with us within one year.

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Iman Abdullah the founder of ABC LTD is one of the UK's top Sleep Consultant and has travelled around the world undertaking prestigious jobs.

With over 30 years of childcare experience, author of Cheap Sleep (all you need to know on how to get a good nights sleep without having to re-mortgage your home!), guest speaker at many baby events, Iman has built a successful career through her extensive knowledge, different approach and her ability to quickly identify problems early on.