A Sleep Training Consultant is often someone who specialises in the sleeping patterns and habits of a newborn baby or an infant.

A Sleep Trainer will often have a vast amount of experience in working in the Maternity field and will have either worked in the health care profession or as a Maternity/Night Nurse.

A Sleep Trainer often works alongside the parents to troubleshoot and help re-establish good healthy sleeping practises for babies and infants.

The roles and responsibilities include consulting with the parents to help get a better understanding of any problems that could be related to unhealthy sleeping patterns. The Sleep Trainer will also empower the parents by demonstrating good sleeping practices.

A Sleep Trainer will often work throughout the night, however it is also good practice for a sleep trainer to get an understanding of what is happening in the daytime.

Our Sleep Training Course is designed for those candidates wanting to enhance their CV and specialise in the field of Sleep Patterns and Cycles.

Our course leader is one of London's Top Sleep Trainers and has worked worldwide with many VIP clients.

The course is unique to Advanced Baby Consultancy because it explores a connection between nutrition and sleep thus provides an in depth look into any correlations between outside factors.

This course has been tailor made for any candidates wishing to enhance their CV. It is recommended that candidates must have been working as a Maternity/ Night Nurse for a minimum of one year prior to enrolment on the course or be certified in Maternity Nursing. Candidates from the healthcare sector welcome.

This course will cover the following contents;

  • Safe Sleeping Practices
  • Nutrition & Sleep
  • Sleeping Aids
  • The Biology of Sleeping Patterns
  • Delegate feedback / course survey
  • Common Sleep Problems
  • Sleeping Environments
  • Consultancy Techniques
  • Reflective group exercise

This course is taught by Advance Baby Consultancy (ABC). Rabia Dignum our course leader is one of London's top Sleep Consultants and Maternity Nurses. A qualified Maternity Nurse & Sleep Trainer and teacher for adult based learning with over 30 years experience in the childcare industry.

Course Aim

Our Sleep Training Course is aimed to provide you with an in depth understanding of the sleeping patterns of a newborn baby and infant. You will be able to understand the changes in sleep cycles and have extensive knowledge of good healthy sleeping patterns. You will also be able to identify factors which maybe harmful to good sleeping patterns.

Entry Requirements

It is open for attendance by maternity nurses with a minimum of 1 year experience or with Maternity Nursing Training. The course is also open to anyone qualified in the health profession.

It is advisable that delegates are physically fit enough to carry out the techniques taught on this course. If you have any medical conditions that may affect your participation please send an email info@advancedbabyconsultancy.com detailing your concerns before booking so that we can assess any adjustments to be made.


Maximum of 14 attendees per course

Cost of training

£180 for the complete training package including attendance certificate and all course materials used throughout the course.


1 Day plus Course Work and Assessments

Delivery Technique

This course is delivered via a range of techniques including;

  • Instructor Led Presentation
  • Group Discussions
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Group / individual Practice
  • Group / Individual Exercises
  • Video Presentation


This course is subject to ongoing assessment by the Instructor throughout the course and examination of knowledge acquired.

The Instructor observes delegates practice sessions as the training progresses to ensure the required level of understanding.


On completion of the course candidates will successful candidates will be awarded an Advanced Baby Consultancy certificate of attendance.

What do I need to bring in preparation for this course?
Delegates will receive a comprehensive set of notes and all the materials required for this course.

Do I need to bring a child/baby?
No, we do not permit the attendance of children or infants on this course, including infants belonging to delegates themselves. The practical elements of this course will be completed using dolls, provided by ABC.

Is there a dress code?
There is no specific dress code, however, we do advise delegates to dress in loose comfy clothing.

Is there a pre-course requisite?
Yes, we advise all of our candidates to fill out and submit the pre-course requisite form. Furthermore, you may need to contact us to discuss any special needs you may have.

Do you provide us with refreshments?
Yes, we have two 15 minute tea/coffee breaks throughout the day and one hour for lunch. During this time refreshments and lunch are provided. Smoking is not permitted inside the building and we ask that smoking is kept for break and lunchtimes only. Any dietary requirements should be submitted on the pre-requisite form.

We currently have no dates available for this course. Please contact us to find out where and when the next course will be taking place.
We currently have no dates available for this course. Please contact us to find out where and when the next course will be taking place.