Hannah Bishop

I completed the Nanny Training Course with ABC and I was amazed at all the topics that were covered and condensed into a one day training course. As a nanny of three years I now feel confident that with the knowledge and skills I have learnt from the course, I can now carry out my work more effectively. The accredited certificate will also look great on my CV.

Hannah Bishop, London
Suzanne Hudspert

As an Au-Pair, becoming a Nanny was a natural transition. I found the course extremely useful not just the context but the practical advice which was given by the tutor for wanting to work with families. I am also pleased to have been successful on the course and now I have received my certificate I am ready to start putting my CV out there!

Suzanne Hudspert, Hayes
Adebola Asumbe

I enrolled on the weekend Maternity Practitioner Course and I found it an excellent Course with great trainers. I am a trained Midwife yet the course opened my eyes to a lot of baby related things that I never learnt through Midwifery training. I am amazed by how informative the course actually was!

Adebola Asumbe, Romford Essex
Louise Craig

I decided to enrol on the Maternity Practitioner Course as it had been recommended by my friend who had previously completed the course. As a Night Nanny of 10 years I wanted something to enhance my CV. I found the tutors to be very knowledgable and the course was a huge eye opener. Having successfully completed the assessment I am now hoping to enrol on the Sleep Training Course.

Louise Craig, Finchley
Amanda Reid

Iman and Amanda were absolutely wonderful and made the course so exciting. I was a little nervous about meeting new people but they made us all feel at ease! I am looking forward to completing the assessment and perhaps being signed up to the agency.

Amanda Reid, East Sussex
Janice Higgins

The Maternity Practioner Course was very informative and there were lots of practical demonstrations and activities which made it all the more interesting. I felt like it was very hands on. I am hoping that now I have received my certificate I will be able to start joining some agencies and be placed with clients. I'm feeling quite confident that I'm on the right track!

Janice Higgins, Nottingham
Amy Newham

Once I completed the sleep training course, I was given lots of support and advice on how to get started. I had already been a Maternity Nurse for several years and so the sleep training course seemed like a step in the right direction. Iman was fantastic and reassuring and seems to know her stuff. We were also taught about how nutrition can affect sleeping patterns so it was very interesting!

Amy Newham, Derbyshire